Making Martock Marvellous Results

Making Martock Marvellous Results

Making Martock Marvellous Awards for 2017 held at the Parish Hall Thursday 11th May.To see results:

Thursday 11th May

Making Martock Marvellous Awards 2017

Award for Outstanding local employer. Winner: Unwin Safety Systems                 

1.  Martock Post Office. Charlotte and Jim Gordon have worked ceaselessly to improve the service ot the Post Office since they took over in 2013. The Post Office not only provides an excellent and personalised service to Martock, but has provided employment and training to a number of local people.

2. Unwin Safety Systems. Unwins provide employment for many local people at all levels of skill. They have been particularly good to job seekers and have given opportunities to people who may have had trouble travelling further afield. They have taken people on and provided training and developed their employability.


Award for Outstanding service to SPORT in Martock. Winner: Philip Jackson

  1. Philip Jackson has been a driving force behind Martock’s rugby club. He has been instrumental in encouraging many young people to participate in the sport, He has been a key person in the organisation of the club (having been chairman for a number of years, and helped to grow local interest in rugby and the teams to the current high level of success.


Award for Outstanding service to CULTURE in Martock. Winner: Duncan Palmer              

  1. Duncan Palmer is an important member of Martock Players which provide great entertainment to the village. He has built up the theatrical equipment here in the Parish Hall and he is always willing to help in all the village events in the hall.

  2. Fergus Dowding – Fergus organised the first farmers Market in 2004. He has been running them on the 2nd Saturday of each month ever since – that’s over 150 Markets. In addition, he either runs or is involved with the History Group and The Annual Show and the street fairs.


The Pam White Memorial Award for Lifetime Service to Martock

Yvonne Connolly and Honor Roberts have run Good Companions with kindness, energy and commitment.  Their dedication and love for local people has given so many isolated seniors a regular place to come together. They have also led Evergreens, the whist drives and  over 20 years driving for Martock Friends.

Award for Outstanding service to the WELLBEING of Martock.  Winner: Tina Boyce

  1. Deidre Pine.   Deidre helps and encourages staff and volunteers at community events. She also gives up a lot of time to brighten up peoples Christmas season by making decorations with the youth club for the older people in the village.

  2. Fergus Dowding – for all the activities we outlined before in the culture award.

  3. Gordon Swindells.  Gordon works tirelessly to improve the flood defences in
    Martock holding meetings and site visits. He has been a flood warden for several
    years and also looks after the emergency rations and equipment kept here in the
    Parish Hall in case of an emergency.

  4. Mark Norbury: Mark has worked in a voluntary capacity for over 5 years now
    as the only First Responder, saving many lives.

  5. Tina Boyce. Tina has been a volunteer youth worker and caretaker at
    Martock Youth Club for 25 years. She gives many hours every year helping,
    guiding and supporting our young people. Her smile and enthusiasm has been
    of great help to the other youth workers and she has inspired many young
    people to be of benefit to the community of Martock.

  6. Tony Welsh. Tony has been a fireman in Martock for over 30 years, but this                 
    award is for the amount of help he gives to others in the village including
    at the Farmers Market and in the gardens of anyone who is no longer able
    to maintain their gardens in the way they might want.