Flu Jabs Hamdon Medical Centre

Hamdon Medical Centre ‘flu vaccinations THIS YEAR BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Hamdon Medical Centre ‘flu vaccinations


This years ‘flu vaccinations will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for patients that are in an ‘At Risk’ group including all patients aged 65 years and over and those with a chronic disease (such as heart, lung, liver or neurological disease).    Patients who have diabetes, a weak immune system, that are pregnant, seriously  overweight  or are carers are also entitled to a ‘flu vaccination together with  Health and social care staff who work in registered care/nursing homes and registered domiciliary care providers (care agencies). 

To book an appointment please ring

01935 827003 or 01935 827004

between 9.00am and 10.30am or 4.30pm and 5.30pm

Monday to Friday from 17 September 2018. 

  If you have a pre-booked appointment with a Nurse or Technician from the end of September you can request to have your ‘flu jab at this appointment.

If you are housebound and cannot attend the surgery (friends, relatives and taxis are unable to bring you), please contact the surgery as above.