Community Youth Project

With the demise of county youth services, many communities in Somerset are now having to face up to the challenge of keeping their youth centres and youth work going without access to qualified county resource. In the face of this, the aim of the Community Youth Project (CYP) is to put in place sustainable youth worker resource across a number of communities which can be collaboratively employed in the most effective and efficient manner.

The Project now provides a youth service in Martock, the Charltons, Hamdons, Somerton,  Tintinhull and Ilminster. Other communities have also expressed an interest and may join in due course.

The CYP provides a locally managed and community focussed service which identifies and supports the needs of young people and helps them to engage positively in their local community.

It supports communities to:

In return, communities that join the project are able to get involved in how local youth provision works and develops over the coming years.

As an independent and community led organisation, the CYP provides a service which is right for everyone involved rather than having to work to other peoples’ agendas. The project is run by a Management Group on which all communities who join can have equal representation and hence a role to play in shaping the work of the project.

Its services include:

What makes us different?

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