Stoke Road/Water Street junction

Martock Parish Council worked with Somerset County Council's Highways Department to look at options to improve road and pedestrian safety at the junction of Stoke Road and Water Street. This junction provides the most used crossing point for access to the recreation ground. A secondary objective is to discourage HGVs from using the B3165 through Hurst and Bower Hinton.

Following a feasibility study and public consultation, it was decided to install a mini-roundabout at this junction. The plans for these improvements can be downloaded below.

The mini-roundabout is to be accompanied by new signage on the A303 to encourage HGVs heading for Martock Business Park to approach via Stoke Road (eastbound) or Ash (westbound), and not to approach via the B3165 through Bower Hinton and Hurst.

The work to install the mini-roundabout started on 7th October and took three weeks.

The additional signage on the A303 will be installed by Highways England at a later date yet to be advised.

Improvement plan (mini-roundabout)

Improvement plan (signage)