Council tax and parish precept

At its meeting in January the Parish Council approved its budget for the financial year 2019-20, which in turn sets the annual ‘precept’ - the amount that the taxpayers of Martock are collectively charged as part of their council tax payments.

This year the Parish Council has made an increase in the precept of 2.99% so as to be able to continue to deliver the services that it provides, many of them not available in other parishes. In many cases we have brought these in due to the reduction or withdrawal of services previously provided by higher authorities and the need to address the resultant needs in our own community. Such services include:

This has included the enhancement of our dedicated staff team and the recruitment and support of many volunteers, all now working as an integrated team to achieve the Martock vision:

“To work together to build a safe, vibrant, fully inclusive and thriving community in which we are all proud to live and work”.

In addition to this, capital projects to be progressed in 2019/20 and finished in future years are:

Other new initiatives include:

This year’s budget also reflects the ending of the council tax support grant, previously made to town and parish councils by SSDC.

The resultant overall increase in the Parish Council’s budget amounts to 2.99%. In real terms this will result in a rise in the council tax for an average Band D household of £6.07 per year.

Given this commitment that we have made to deliver projects and services that will improve our environment, facilities, health and wellbeing for all, Martock’s precept will remain one of the highest per head in South Somerset. However, we hope residents will agree that the payback in terms of direct benefit to the community is worth your continued investment.

A copy of the Parish Council’s 2019/20 budget and precept forecast is available to download below.

Graham Middleton
Chair of Finance & Resources
Martock Parish council

MPC Approved Budget 2019/20