Our Place Martock

Martock Parish Council, on behalf of the Martock Community Partnership, has been selected to be part of the Government’s Our Place programme, which aims to give people more power over local services and budgets in their neighbourhoods, aligning these with all the other resources that the community can bring.

Since April 2014, a number of project workers and volunteers have met with residents, groups, clubs and local and county organisations which work with our residents to discuss what could improve lives and neighbourhoods in Martock. This work has initially focused on the north east of the community.

Although Martock Parish Council has stepped in to maintain some services affected by cuts in the last few years, particularly around youth and employment, some other services, especially care and support, have been reduced or are now available to a smaller number of people. The Community Partnership is concerned that not all residents have the support that they need, and our research for this project has borne this out.

Key areas of identified need are:

  • Self-reliance in individuals and families, including life skills such as first aid, home management, parenting and financial awareness.
  • Access to services, not only better knowledge of and referral to existing services, but also physical access including transport and local provision.
  • Social isolation, primarily but not always in elderly single person households.
  • Employability, particularly for those who are most remote from the job market due to issues such as lack of self-esteem and confidence, illiteracy, digital exclusion, homelessness, benefit dependency and poor work readiness.
  • Coordination and more cost-effective integration of services within the community.

The Our Place Martock project has now published its final Operational Plan which can be downloaded below. This outlines a new approach to providing and coordinating local services, including what should to done to deliver and demonstrate the benefit of this new approach.

This plan has now been approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

You can also download an infographic on the project and the latest version of the project brief below.

Do also have a look at the Making Martock Marvellous video.

A lot of things are going on with Martock Community Services and there are many new ways to get involved. If you would like to know more about this project please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@martock-pc.gov.uk

Our Place Martock project brief

Our Place Martock infographic

Our Place Martock Development Strategy

Our Place Martock final Operational Plan

Our Place Martock Cost Benefit Analysis