Water Street development

Brookvale Homes (SW) Ltd, the developer of the Water Street site, was placed under administration on 8 May 2015. The administrator is Smith & Williamson LLP of Bristol.

Work has stopped while the Administrator attempts to put in place a recovery plan, and the site has been secured.

The land is owned by Westco Properties Ltd, which is the development arm of Devon & Cornwall Housing, to whom Brookvale was contracted to complete the development. This incudes the land at the southern end of the site that will be transferred to Martock Parish Council under an S106 agreement with SSDC for the building of a new youth centre and pavilion (the Long Orchard Centre).

Under this agreement, the transfer cannot take place until the land is prepared, road access is available and all services are provided. This in turn requires prior completion of the housing development.

The Brookvale situation therefore poses no long term risk to the Long Orchard Centre project, but clearly there may be a delay. The implications of work stoppage on site are also of natural concern to nearby residents in Water Street and Matfurlong Close.

More information on this situation and when work is likely to recommence will be provided when known.