Parrett Works

Martock Parrett Works Project

Bringing economic growth to the local area by regenerating a historic industrial site

Parrett Works, in the parish of Martock, is considered to be "the outstanding industrial monument in this parish, and arguably in the county" (Batsford, 1980). It is reputed to be one of the oldest mechanised working sites and one of the first water-powered industrial complexes in the country. Doomsday shows it to be thriving.

Our project covers the 19th century Rope Walk, Wheel House and other buildings, at the southern end of Parrett Works, all of which are Grade II listed.

The Rope Walk building is in a poor state and deteriorating, the Wheel House is nothing more than a walled shell and the other buildings have sustained fire damage and need to be rebuilt. To the south of the site is a field of about one hectare.

Our aim is to provide employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities for local people by:

  • restoring the buildings and site to light industrial use
  • attracting new businesses and hence helping to improve local economic growth
  • maximising on the use of sustainable energy

thereby preserving the industrial heritage at Parrett Works.

In the longer term we want to build this project into a strategy for the preservation and sustainment of the whole Parrett Works site, so as to:

  • secure its heritage and economic future
  • retain its local character and sense of place.
For more information about this exciting project, please download the Brochure and key reports below.

Martock Parrett Works Project brochure

Martock Parrett Works history & interpretation

Project viability report

Assessment of feasibility and sustainability