Stoke Road development

A planning application 15/05167/FUL has been received for change of use and refurbishment from agricultural and B8 use to B1/B8/A3 uses (GR:346416/118757) for land off Stoke Road, Martock, for the creation of units and workspace for small to medium size local businesses.

Further details of this application can be found on the SSDC website. Please click here.

This application was considered by Martock Parish Council at a special meeting on 6th January 2016, at which it was recommended for approval subject to the following issues beng addressed by SSDC with the applicant:

  • Flood warning and evacuation plan to be produced, as recommended by the Environment Agency
  • Noise assessment to be carried out
  • Landscaping scheme to be prepared, including:
    • a lighting assessment
    • a security gate to be erected at the entrance to the site, allowing access to business occupiers out of hours
  • The car park for Building 1 to be moved to an alternative location further from the neighbour’s property (can the attenuation pond be moved to this location?)
  • Serious consideration given to the provision of a safe pedestrian route along Stoke Road and particularly at the site entrance
  • Vehicular and road safety at the entrance to be examined carefully with County Highways, to include:
    • clear sight lines
    • room for an HGV to enter the site whilst another vehicle is leaving without having to stop and block the road.

Amended plans have since been received and the revised site layout can be downloaded below.

Public comments and observations on this application can be made to SSDC Development Control by 16th February in writing or via the SSDC website using the above link.

Stoke Road development site layout