North Street Road Closure

The B3165 North Street Martock, between, The Pinnacle and Coat Road has been identified for major carriageway resurfacing and associated improvement works.   

The resurfacing process involves the use of a large planing machine which will remove the old surface of the road to an average depth of 100mm. This is followed by the laying of a new material using a surfacing machine. 


Due to the width of road, and for the safety of the workforce and the travelling public, it will be necessary to close the road to all vehicular traffic to execute these works. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. 


It will be necessary to undertake preparatory works in advance of the carriageway resurfacing taking place. Works will include, replacing damaged kerbs and upgrading /repairing, where necessary, the existing drainage systems.


We provide an indicative works programme below for information: 


  • Preparatory Works are due to commence on the 06 June, and are anticipated to take 2 weeks between the hours of 07:30am and 18:00pm. North Street will remain open for the duration of these works.  However, temporary traffic signals may be in operation. 
  • Carriageway Resurfacing Works are due to commence on the 20th June and are anticipated to take 7 Days, between the hours of 07:30am and 1830 pm, excluding weekends.  North Street will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of these works.  To enable the resurfacing works to progress as quickly as possible, could you please refrain from parking on the highway.  Traffic Marshalls will be on site to assist with specific requests for access.   

When undertaking such major projects, all reasonable steps are taken to keep disruption to a minimum. That said, unfortunately, given the scale and nature of the process, an element of inconvenience is inevitable.  

Should you wish to discuss the proposed works in more detail, contact can be made with the local Area Highways Office at Yeovil, on tel. 0300 123 2224, or by email via 

For details and a map of the temporary road closure from 19th June 2017 for 7 days, along (B3165) North Street from the junction with (B3165) Church Street and East Street, north-westwards distance of 780 metres - click on the attached file

Road Closure North Street