Parish Council Finance

The Parish Council raises its budget through the annual precept which forms part of the parish residents’ Council Tax.

Expenditure against each line in the budget is recorded monthly on a Budget Sheet derived from a continuous record of income and expenditure held in a Cash Book.

The accounts are audited quarterly by an independent internal auditor and annually by an external auditor appointed by the Audit Commission.

The audit for the year ending March 2017 was completed on 27th September 2017 by Grant Thornton UK LLP. A copy of the audit conclusion can be viewed and downloaded below.

Since 2003 the Parish Council has progressively increased its budget to deliver projects in the Local Community Plan. This has enabled over £800,000 of external grant funding to be levered in to help provide better local facilities and services. In addition, increases have been made to redress the effects of County Council cuts.

You can download copies of the key financial documents and records below.

MPC Annual Return Completion 2017

MPC Accounts 2016/17

MPC Annual Return Completion 2016

MPC Accounts 2015/16