Local Community Plan

The Martock Local Community Plan prioritises the improvement of public facilities and services provided in Martock over the next 5 years.

To develop the new plan, a resident survey was distributed to every household in the Martock Parish in 2017. The results of the survey can be downloaded at the base of the page.  They fed into the Community Plan together with a public consultation held in January 2018. A summary of plan was distributed to all households with the Leveller community magazine in June 2018. It can also be downloaded from the base of this page.

A project plan with the improvements and initiatives from the plan will be implemented over the 5 years, managed and reviewed by the Martock Community Partnership (M3).

The last Martock Community Plan 2010-2017 resulted in many improvements including:

  • The refurbishment of the precinct

  • New signage for the business park

  • The use of a speed indicator on approach roads to the village

  • The establishment of Martock Film Nights

  • The new roundabout at the Water Street / Stoke Road junction

  • The Martock Job club

  • More community events – fireworks, street parties 

A separate initiative is developing 'The Martock Neighbourhood Plan'. This will be a plan for how future housing development and infrastructure for the village should be planned over the next 10 years. When complete this will have a legal standing, together with the South Somerset Local Plan, to guide the direction and type of development allowed under planning law. For more information on this plan click here.



2017 MartockCommunity Survey Report

Community Plan 2018-23