SWP Missed Waste Collection

Missed waste collection for 22.02.2021

Somerset Waste Partnership missed collections in Martock today. Please see the below list for locations affected. We ask that you kindly advise residents in your area if possible, to help spread the message of the missed collections and what action residents need to take.

Monday 22 February 2021 – Staff shortages have led to missed recycling collections today in and around Frome in Mendip, and in and around Curry Rivel, Drayton, Martock, South Petherton and Stathe in South Somerset.

List of affected roads below (if missed elsewhere, report as usual after 7pm on due day via My Waste Services at somersetwaste.gov.uk).

We regret that immediate return collections are not possible; please re-present recycling next Monday, 1 March, from 6am.

Rubbish, garden waste, clinical and bulky waste collections are NOT affected.

For more recycling space, flatten and tear up card; rinse, quash and put tops back on plastic bottles; rinse and – if safe – crush cans. Stack boxes with heavier above and locked food bin on top.

If materials cannot be stored or would present a health or fire risk, all recycle sites are on their usual schedules for essential visits only, and can take all kerbside materials for recycling.

The only exception is food waste, which should be double bagged and put in your rubbish, or added to the energy-from-waste skip at any recycle site.

All recycle site details, including essential safety measures: somersetwaste.gov.uk/allatall/

Recycle checklist: somersetwaste.gov.uk/recycling-collections/

For extra free recycle containers, order them via My Waste Services at: somersetwaste.gov.uk

Please observe all coronavirus safety advice for kerbside collections, including washing/sanitising hands before and after handing waste containers, disinfecting handles, and maintaining social distance from waste staff.

For an explanation of coronavirus safety measures for collection crews and the change to 6am starts, see: facebook.com/SomersetWaste/posts/3741870462515672

For waste services recruitment, check local agencies and suez.co.uk/en-gb/careers


Apologies, Somerset Waste Partnership


Roads expected to be missed:

South Somerset: in /around Martock, South Petherton

Frogmary Green

Harp Road

Hospital Lane

Lampreys Lane

Mere Lynches Close

Mill Lane

Parrett Works

Pitway Hill

Silver Street


West Street



Many thank,


Communications, Marting & Media team

South Somerset District Council