Martock Emergency Plan

The Martock Emergency Plan provides advice and a framework for local assistance in the event of an emergency within or outside the Parish of Martock.

While this plan is primarily aimed at assisting residents within the Parish of Martock it can also be utilised to support Somerset County Council and South Somerset District Council should they request assistance in accommodating evacuees from within Somerset or further afield in the event of a wider emergency.

The plan, which follows government and Somerset County Council civil contingencies unit guidelines:

  • Identifies the Community Emergency Group (CEG).
  • Identifies a primary Parish Emergency Accommodation Centre (EAC) and alternatives.
  • Sets out the procedures for activating the emergency plan.
  • Provides local information to assist the Emergency Services.
  • Provides a list of useful contact numbers and addresses.
  • Gives advice on flooding.
  • Sets out the Flood Warden scheme.
  • Provides basic information to assist the Parish during a period of temporary isolation.

To read the plan click on the link below.

HM Government's Preparing for Emergencies, what you need to know, first published in 2004 and delivered to all households, gives common sense advice on how you can help yourself and your family in emergencies. Click on the link below to see it.

Emergency Plan 2020-2021 v4

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