Community Youth Project

 The aim of the Community Youth Project (CYP) is to put in place sustainable youth worker resource across a number of communities which can be collaboratively employed in the most effective and efficient manner.

The Project now provides a youth service in Martock, the Charltons,Creech St Michael, Stoke and Norton sub Hamdon, Somerton, Tintinhull and Ilminster.

The CYP provides a locally managed and community focussed service which identifies and supports the needs of young people and helps them to engage positively in their local community.

It supports communities to:

  • Consult with young people about youth provision.
  • Establish youth club sessions.
  • Run sessions and provide other support such as outreach and organised activities.
  • Put in place the associated policies, procedures and professional support.

In return, communities that join the project are able to get involved in how local youth provision works and develops over the coming years.

As an independent and community led organisation, the CYP provides a service which is right for everyone involved rather than having to work to other peoples’ agendas. The project is run by a Management Group on which all communities who join can have equal representation and hence a role to play in shaping the work of the project.

Its services include:

  • Fully qualified professional Youth and Community Development staff.
  • Professional support and supervision for all staff by our appointedproject manager
  • Access to support and advice in establishing and maintaining quality youth provision - policies, best practice and legal requirements.
  • Insurance for youth workers and activities.
  • The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), disclosure management and child protection arrangements.
  • Consultation with young people in your community.
  • A fully tailored support package relevant to your community - you can buy in as much or as little as you require.
  • Established links with and work in local schools, including Stanchester Academy.
  • Access to fundraising support for your group’s projects.
  • Support to the recruitment, training and development of local volunteers.
  • Organisation and running of trips, activities and events.
  • Opportunities for joint working with other local communities and youth groups.

What makes us different?

  • Each community gets what it wants from the project (just evening sessions or more intensive support)
  • Greater job security and continuity/sustainability of support than would be provided by many individually employed part-time youth workers.
  • Ability to work across as well as within communities to address wider issues.
  • A project run by a partnership of local communities working together to meet their local needs, rather than by an outside organisation.
  • Dedicated resource provided to each community – your youth worker rather than ours.

For more information please visit  or contact Jackie Swabey on 07887 561145 or