Martock Neighbourhood Plan


The Martock Neighbourhood Plan has been under development for several years.  It will become the third tier of planning policy in the parish, the others being the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the South Somerset Local Plan.  These two provide the framework of planning policy for the village, the Martock Neighbourhood Plan provides the fine detail.

The plan has been produced by a small steering group which is independent of the Parish Council but contains some Council members.

The Martock Neighbourhood Plan has now been approved by the Parish Council and will be placed before the South Somerset Executive Committee for formal approval at its meeting on 4th March. 

The process of making the plan has followed a sequence of consultation events and procedures laid out in National Planning Policy Guidance.  These included a community drop-in workshop on the Aims and Objectives and two formal consultations on the Plan drafts.  The Steering Group also manned a Martock Plan stall at the monthly farmers market for informal discussions on the different elements of the plan.

Three additional documents have been produced to support the Neighbourhood Plan but which also are significant in their own right.  These are:

  • The Martock Village Design Statement
  • The Martock Environment Manual
  • The Martock Flood Risk Guide for Planning Applicants.

The Design Statement is a brief analysis of our unique Historic Environment from our earliest structures to 20th Century developments. It tries to encapsulate what it is about our built environment that generates the sense of place of our three villages, Martock, Hurst and Bower Hinton. 

The Environment Manual is very much a work In progress.  A key element is a mapping exercise of the natural environment of the whole Parish.  There are also chapters on important views and landscapes in and around the Parish and also on historical features of the landscape such as its bridges, sluices and ridge and furrow fields.

The Flood Risk Guide gives an understanding of the complex picture of flooding in the Parish which goes beyond the formal mapping exercise carried out by the various agencies who have oversight of this aspect of our life.

The Martock Neighbourhood Plan, all associated documents, and details of its development, can be found on the Martock Plan Website,

The Martock Neighbourhood Plan submission documents are avasilbale as PDF files below. 


Martock Parish Neighbourhood Plan Post Examination Version (4.3) Feb 2021

Why a Neighbourhood Plan?

Examiner Procedural Matters Martock

MPC Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement

MPC Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

Martock Neighbourhood Plan Notice of Publication